Monday, November 19, 2012

GOOD WORKS: Rachel Ray, ASPCA Create Temporary Home for Displaced Hurricane Sandy Pets

Reba Messina
Mutt Reporter

Two puppies that were displaced from the Rockaways play in their cage
Owners and family pets were displaced by the hundreds of thousands after hurricane Sandy. Difficult as it has been for the humans to find new or temporary housing having family pets has made it even more of a challenge especially with temporary housing.

In steps the ASPCA. The organization negotiated a lease at $20,000 per month for provide a temporary home, a 20,000-square-foot emergency boarding center that opened over the weekend in a vacant warehouse in Ocean Hill, Brooklyn for family pets.

Run with affectionate precision by a team of disaster specialists from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the shelter housed 137 animals by Sunday evening and was expected to house a few hundred, if not more, before the week was out. The center can accommodate up to 700 animals, which are permitted to stay for 30 days free of charge, with full veterinary care, until their owners can reclaim them. The stories of families and pets bouncing from home to home putting greater stressors in their lives is heartbreaking. Mutts and cats don't understand what is going on so the stress is overwhelming to them

Rachel Ray, the celebrity chef, donated $500,000 toward the rent as well as food from her line of pet food to help defray costs.  She really walks her talk!  Read more here.
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Trip to the Rainbow Bridge - When Does an Owner Know When It's Time?

On Thursday 11/8/12 I went to the Rainbow Bridge. I had a wonderful year. I spent the summer at the ocean and I had recently celebrated my 17th birthday yet I had also started losing my ability to walk well, had lost sight in one eye and stopped drinking and eating as much as I used to. So a couple of weeks ago I asked my Mommy, Linda Messina, to help me transition peacefully onto my next journey and she did.

A lot of pet parents ask how you know when it's time to put a pet to sleep. Well there is a look we give you and then you just know. 

When I wasn't feeling well I didn't post on my blog but I want to assure you that soon I will be sending my thoughts on this and that to my Mommy so she can continue my blog for me. I want to keep up with all of my blog readers! And be assured that I will continue to Unite, Elevate and Celebrate MUTTS in doggy heaven.

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