Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gardening with Your Dog and For Your Dog.

Spring Has Sprung! It's that time of the year to dream, design and plant. How many times have you tended to your garden with your best furry friend laying close to you watching as you dig, plant and nurture? Dogs love the outdoors, dogs love you and dogs love digging! Let's look at some ideas for gardens for dogs. We'll look at dog friendly plants, vegetable gardens for dogs and planting to keep pets safe.

There are gardens throughout the world where dogs and their owners share the outdoor space. It doesn’t matter if your garden is large or small yard or patio container plants, gardening is a fun time to spend with your pet. My Mom and I used to garden all of the time when I was earthbound. Now I supervise her from the Bridge and she hears me!

Our friends at American Dog Magazine present us with some of the veggies us dogs love. Plant a dog friendly veggie garden!

Garden plants toxic to dogs from the site

Happy Spring. Enjoy your time planting with your furry family member and post your pics!

Doggy kisses from the Bridge, Reba Messina
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