Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Pet Food Warnings - Something Fishy & Black Friday for Pets!

We've been reeling from all of the pet food recalls of late. They continue and now well. . . another shocker!

Do you feed your dog or cat fish? Is it bought at the grocery store or is it expensive, wild caught, not farm raised, New Zealand fish depleting your wallet to the tune of $100 a month per pet?  Evidently it doesn't matter because regardless in what country the fish were caught chances are very high that the fish was processed in CHINA. This article, brought to us by Truth About Pet Food, needs to be read by all because it not only affects pet food and human food too. Yes even wild caught Alaskan Salmon is shipped to China for processing then shipped back to us for distribution. What's going on in the China processing plants? Read more,..


As if there has not been enough press about the Jerky Pet Treats imported from China, Truth About Pet Food found that NOT ONE national retailer has removed the jerky treats imported from China from store shelves! Don't know about you but I agree with Susan Thixton that we've got to get the attention of individual store managers. Sounds like a huge effort but as you will read in this article, all we have to do is target our local Walmart on Black Friday. Genius plan because if Walmart caves in all of the other retailers will follow suit! Read more here and get energized and organized.......

As always do your own research to determine what is right for you and for your pet.

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