Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finally a Contest Us MUTTS Can Compete In!

We are halfway through the big Big BIG Dog Show at Westminster. All of those beautifully coiffed, brushed, clipped,combed, trained dogs representing the best of the best of their breed.  This photo is an example of a beautiful new breed entry for 2012, the Xoloitzcuintli.

Yawn........ we see them every year.  But what about us MUTTS?

As anyone who’s befriended one us mutts knows, we’re generally intelligent, friendly, even-keeled pooches. Most of us are well trained people-pleasers who are just as likely to lead you across obstacles to get Timmy out of the well as our pure-bred cousins. That said, there hasn’t been anywhere for us to display our quirky cuteness and abundant skills until recently.

For years American Kennel Club dog shows were the place for only pure bred pooches to strut their stuff but just one year ago this month the AKC opened its agility and obedience competitions to us MUTTS!  Now, as part of their Canine Partners program, mixed breeds and their human partners all over the country are participating in all kinds of events like AKC Rally, Agility, Obedience, and a fun new event called Coursing Ability.

While each club’s participation in the AKC Canine Partners program remains voluntary, for over a year now AKC clubs all across America, long the upscale country club of “purebreds only need apply”, have been opening their doors to all dogs and the humans who love them. Mutts have been entering, and sometimes winning over their full-bred competitors, in American Kennel Club-sponsored shows. Can you believe that? ROFBOL!

Humans aren’t really fond of change it seems. They sometimes find the same 'ol same 'ol so comforting that change can be a very long process but, with Agility the fasting growing AKC sport, I see this year’s growth of mixed breeds competing in AKC clubs as just a paw in the door. In fact us mutts can now apply for the AKC Therapy Dog title too! Someday us MUTTS will be allowed to compete in all events.  So, if you’re an all American dog, ask your human to check out the AKC Canine Partner Program, get involved in competitive dog sports and help foster dog equality.

As for me, I'm seriously thinking about starting the Eastminster Dog Show for us mutts and mixes. Purebreds could not qualify to enter our show. BOL!

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Two French Bulldogs said...

we saw that hairless doggy on our walk yesterday. So starnge. It feels very silky
Benny & Lily