Monday, April 23, 2012

Apologies, What Your Dog is Saying About You, Want To Be a Pet Detective? and Zumba!

First of all I want to give a big barkin' apology to my readers and sniffers for the long dry water bowl since my last post. Mommy and I had to go away for a week to take care of human stuff...... WTD? You mean it's not ALL about us pets??? Well I can't do everything by myself so I had to wait for opposable
thumbs to help me out. So here are some fun things to know.

What Your Dog Says About You

Have you ever thought that you and your dog have similar personalities? Or that friends have dogs that have personalities like them? Maybe it's happenstance or maybe personalities merge as you settle in together or maybe it's training. But a new study by  Dr Lance Workman shows that there is a reason a person's choice in dog breed is indicative of their personality. See if you and your furbaby match up and let me know!

Are You an Ace Ventura? Want To Be One?

The Animal Planet channel has some great shows on it. In fact we have that channel on about 50% of the time in our house. The show 'Pet Detectives' is about various pet mysteries, lost pets and pet detectives. One such detective is, Kat Albrecht, a former police officer who has been applying what she learned on the force to tracking down missing and lost animal companions since 1997. And she could train you, too! If you want to reunite pets and families and bring hope to pet owners – or apply Albrecht's expertise on behalf of your local shelter or TNR program –the goal is totally within reach. Albrecht is launching a volunteer pet-detective academy this June; it lasts five days, and will teach trainees to track missing pets on their own. Here you go to find out more.

Here is a link to the 'Missing Pet Partnership' to find a pet detective in your area and to find pet detective scam alerts. 

Creative Fundraisers

This economy has negatively affected a lot of people, animals and not for profits. We are seeing more and more requests for donations from shelters large and small. With virtually no budget for advertising small rescues depend on the goodness of local vendors (printers, newspapers and the like) to get the word out about their needs and the number of pets  available for adoption. Creativity is a key to getting more attention and raising more money. 'Pet-nuptiuals' and 'Zumba' are two fundraisers we found that will certainly raise the big bucks. If you are involved in fundraising perhaps these creative ideas will help you!

Date Ideas for Dog Lovers

Before doggys can get to 'pet-nuptiuals' they have to meet and greet. Here are 5 date ideas for single pet pawrents and their pooches!

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Foley Monster and Pocket said...

At first, when you mentioned dog detective, Pocket was afraid her cover would be blown. She is happy to know it is fully intact. She doesn't track down dogs, she tracks down humans.

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog via BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday's blog hop. Glad I did! Really appreciate the link to the study --- pretty interesting and accurate in my case :) Looking forward to catching up in here!