Monday, June 25, 2012

Pet Industry Defies Current Economic Hardship; Pets in Nursing Homes; Children w/Dogs Have Fewer Colds

Pets affect so many areas of our lives. Today we are bringing some examples of that.

Pet industry defies general economic hardship, report suggests. In other words we are not spending less on our furbabies! A national survey of pet owners found that 75% haven't reduced spending on their pets despite financial constraints, and 32% said they'd pay more for pet care than family member care. Some 25% put their pet's health needs ahead of their own. This survey echoes an American Pet Products Association report showing that Americans spent a record $50 billion-plus on pet services and products in 2011. To read the entire article click here.

As Americans get older they do not want to have to give their pets up. There has been an increased movement to allow pets in assisted living facilities for seniors. Consumers want pets in nursing homes. Nursing homes, assisted living facilities are increasingly adopting pets or allowing residents to have their own animals live with them, in part because it brings in business. "More and more, we have families indicating up front that [allowing pets] is a must-have criteria," said Tami Cummings, senior vice president of A Place for Mom, the largest senior living placement company in the U.S., which reports that 40% of people ask about residences' pet policies when calling for information. It's a money thing and business is business. As more Seniors demand pets living with them, then they will get what they want! He who has the gold rules! Woof woof! Meowwwwww!

Children who live with dogs may have fewer colds. A study shows that children living with dogs decreases the susceptibility to respiratory syncytial virus, which causes the common cold and bronchiolitis, as being around dogs "trains" children's immune systems to resist asthma, according to research from the University of California, San Francisco. Doctors have long recognized the decreased incidence of asthma in children with dogs, but this study is the first to identify a contributing factor. Click on link above to read the story.


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Jan said...

It's long been known that country kids are healthier when they enter school than city kids because of their contact with animals. I'm glad they have finally gotten around to showing the health benefits of the family dog.

Gryphon said...

It can't be a surprise to dog lovers that children are healthier, old folks are happier and the rest of us just live longer and happier because of sharing our lives with our dogs. Duh!