Friday, August 17, 2012

Crippled Dog Left to Die in Mountains. Owner Wants Her Back; ALSO New Wave Band, Devo Releases New Single About a Famous Political Dog!

This mutt is outraged! About 13,500 feet above the ground, among the snow-capped peaks of Mount Bierstadt in Colorado, Scott Washburn and his wife, Amanda, found an abandoned, dying German shepherd dog.

This past Saturday, Aug. 11, Washburn and his wife were on a leisurely hike up Mount Bierstadt in Clear Creek County, a 14,000-foot peak near Denver that is categorized as a "14er" because, as Washburn said, "the peak is over 14,000 feet high and considered a Class 3, meaning it is not the most difficult - but it's too difficult for a dog to be on it or an inexperienced person.

"We were hiking to this ridge and we got off course and I was a little ahead of my wife," he said. "She called out to me and said, 'Hey I found a dog,' and figured I misheard her 'cause there was no way a dog was where we were."  You don't want to miss the rest of this story and video! More photos here.

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OH BOY this mutt is laughing!    In case you haven't heard, New Wave band, Devo, will be releasing the single, "Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Remember Seamus)", a track about Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s infamous 1983 road trip in which he transported the family dog from Massachusetts to Ontario in a kennel strapped to the roof of the family station wagon.  Read more on this funny article about this dog lovin' band and the app they are developing for dog lovers!

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Foley Monster and Pocket said...

These people cannot get their dog back. If the people who found it could get it down the mountain than the owners could