Saturday, June 4, 2011

My first blog post with help from MOM

I came to the beach with my human Mom and Grandpop a few days before Memorial Day. This is 'our' first observation (thanks for the help here Mom)....
It's about a week before Memorial Day.  The beach is not exactly packed in OCNJ on this warm & sunny day although the water is only 58 degrees. It's before season after all.
Beach towns are amazing. One day the streets are dark, most homes unlit and parking available everywhere as far as you can see! Go to bed and the next day it's like someone flipped the light switch. Cars running up and down the streets with oldies playing as loud as possible. People jockeying for parking spaces.  Families who seem to have sneaked in after midnight now come clamoring out of their houses, kids in tow, heading to the beach. Teenagers all over the place walking in packs, giggling (girls) and boisterous noise (boys). The procession to the beach at 9:30 am and the procession off of the beach 4:30 pm. Every pizza lover planning on a run to Mack and Mancos on the boardwalk. Johnsons Famous Popcorn, that caramel laden devil, is next. In one day houses are decorated with patriotic buntings and flags and lights too! Dog owners sneak pups on the beach at dusk so they can romp and run in the surf. Sitting on the porch at cocktail hour watching folks walk with each other hand in hand. Listening to families squabble b/c the houses are so close together. Studying the faces of renters coming in on Saturdays full of excitement and anticipation of things to come.  Studying the faces of renters leaving to go home on Saturdays with the inevitable sadness of having to leave. Gotta love the beach and feel blessed to be able to spend the entire season here! Why? Because there is nothing like the end of the season when the light switch goes off overnight and the town reverts back to peace and quiet!  Happy Summer everyone and every doggy!
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