Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Pets

Happy Monday everyone. It's been sooooooo hot (How hot has it been Reba?).... well it's been sooooo hot that I haven't had the energy to bark in my blog for days and days.  I've been one tired doggy. So I thought this article might benefit us all during this very HOT summer.  Take care!  REBA

For pets that are sensitive to heat, the steamy summer months are not only uncomfortable, they are also the time when the risk of fatal heatstroke is highest. Thousands of pets die needlessly every summer from over-exposure to heat.
Heatstroke is an emergency that needs medical attention as soon as possible. Even before you take your pet to the vet, however, you need to start cooling her body down by putting her in a tub of cool water, for example, or by applying wet towels or ice packs to her body, says Susan G. Synn, D.V. M., a veterinarian in Atlanta. When you are in the car, turn the air conditioner on high and get to the vet as quickly as you can.
For signs, causes and solutions this article from Care2 offers life saving information for you and your pet click here.
PS. For all of my furends pawrents who are gardening, and you know who you are, pleeeeze do it early in the morning or at dusk b/c if you don't take care of yourself you can't take care of us.

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Vicki said...

This is a great post, especially with all the heat waves going on. I still haven't had the chance to go to your link, but it is important for people to know that the bathwater should be "cool" NOT "cold" if you decide to dunk your dog in the tub. Love, Blazer