Friday, July 15, 2011


Although my blog consists of observations of this and that from a former mutt (me), it occurred to me that I should include mixed-breed information from time to time. Ergo (how's that I said ergo! bol!) the subject of today's blog: 
A Word is a word is a word: There is a profusion of words and phrases used to describe dogs that are not designated as a purebred or pedigreed dog. The words cur, tyke, mutt, and mongrel are used, sometimes in a derogatory manner. Mutt is also commonly used (in the U.S.A and Canada), often in an affectionate manner and that is exactly how we think about them - affectionately. Humorous terms are also common. Heinz 57, Heinz, or Heinz Hound is often used for dogs of uncertain ancestry, in a playful reference to the "57 Varieties" slogan of the H. J. Heinz Company.
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Vicki said...

There is no difference, to me, if a dog is a so-called "mutt" vs a "purebreed" dog. It just so happened that Blazer (a miniature poodle) desperately needed rescuing because his owner was going to send him to a shelter and label him a "biter". I was so worried he would be put down. My other dog had died 7 months earlier and I was still so depressed and really didn't want to take in another dog, but when I talked to lazer's previous owner, she told me she had always hated Blazer and I knew this little 4 year old dog desperately needed a loving home. So, that's the story of how I got one of the finest dogs who has ever been in my life. I'm so glad I opened my heart to him. He immediately showed me so much love, like he knew his life had changed for the better. We are both so devoted to each other and I'm happy I was able to save him from a terrible fate.

And, if Blazer had been a "mutt" in the same situation, I would have taken him into my life without any hesitation.

Reba Messina said...

I know exactly what you mean Vicki! Reba's mission statement is Unite Elevate and Celebrate MUTTS! but she supports all rescues including purebred rescues. I believe rescue dogs have a memory of whatever they experienced before we met them. They sensed something in us we needed and they decide to rescue us. We both realize we need each other and that's the best relationship in the world. The MUTT 'breed' we have developed is tongue in cheek but we are trying to encourage people to adopt regardless if it's a MUTT (GenChan) or purebred rescue. Those little lives deserve to have a chance. Love U Vicki.

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

Awe...there is 'A lid for every pot' and mutt or pedigreed, it makes me smile to learn when one gets a loving furrever home.