Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guest Blogger - Linda Messina, Reba's mom.

I was at the dentist today mid afternoon. I knew it was going to rain but we have big awnings surrounding our porch so I left Reba on the porch with the gates up (moveable gates). A huge storm came in and I observed it as I sat in the Dentist chair. Huge winds, driving rain, black skies, not expected at that level. After the DDS finished with my teeth and my Dad's teeth and $660 later I drove the ½ mile back to the beach house to see if any rain came in the windows I left open. Long story short, the open windows were the least of my problems. As I drove past the front of the house I saw that the winds had knocked one of the gates down along with a huge gardenia tree on my porch. Bad news b/c Reba will take off and be in Paris, TX in 30 minutes if she has the chance. She's not a street savvy dog and I was concerned. Parked the car, pushed my 93 year old Dad into the house and I started running around and calling her. The driving rains had returned. I walked down the 3 stairs from the porch to the ground and out to the sidewalk calling her name. Then I saw, in my peripheral vision, movement and I looked to the right and there she was walking toward me between the 2 houses from the direction of the alley. She looked like a drowned rat, literally. She hurried toward me, as fast as a 16 year old dog can hurry. Where was she? Where did she go when she bounded off the porch when the gate and tree fell giving her freedom and probably scaring her little self? Did she find shelter and where? Was she scared? What was she thinking? If only we could read our pet’s minds….. sigh.

I'm so happy that she was easy to find and that she's home safe, sound and sleeping like a dog tonight.

I suspect that she was a tad angry because, after a loving welcome back, a warm towel to dry her off and a couple of treats, Reba went into one of the bathrooms and dumped a trash can over strewing trash all over. I LOVE this dog

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Kolchak Puggle said...

OH MY DOG! My heart stopped reading this. I am so very glad that you found her. Oh Reba, just stay home silly girl. You've kind of got the best home ever.

Reba Messina said...

Your heart and mine too Koly! You are right! I've got the best home ever just like you do!