Saturday, September 17, 2011

Social networking among complete strangers saves dog

One of the most extraordinary changes in animal rescue has occurred since the advent of social networking. These days, entire rescues are sometimes performed via Facebook and email. One such rescue occurred in Ohio over the past nine months. It was carried out by a group of complete strangers from all over Ohio.
An Akron U student lived in an apartment next door to a man who kept a cocker spaniel chained to a dog house in his yard. The student was concerned because although the dog was being fed, she had poor shelter from the weather, and seemed to be in pretty bad shape. Mostly blind and mostly deaf, the little Cocker didn’t even have a name!  This article by 

Cleveland Pets Examiner shows us the power of people, united by rescuing pets, to give this dog another life.  Truly heartwarming.
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful story!


Peggy Frezon said...

I love it when people come together to give pets a better life. Hurray!

Linsay said...

That's so encouraging. Thanks for sharing! -