Friday, December 9, 2011

At-Risk Dogs Get a Mutt-Makeover

Thankfully there are amazing humans who take a chance on us four-legged creatures and either adopt us or work closely to help those of us who didn't learn manners, get some, so that we find forever homes.  There is a cool group who used to train unruly horses, but have now turned their focus to include training dogs that are at-risk and have been labeled unadoptable. It's called Extreme Mutt Makeover and the alpha dog here is a lady named Patti Colbert.  According to their Facebook Fan Page, the program takes "10 homeless dogs, 10 trainers, and 6 weeks to create well-trained, adoptable dogs."

Only 25% of dogs that enter an animal shelter are adopted, according to American Humane Association.  One of the many reasons is aggression or bad behavior.  Many of the pups in the program go on to help other humans.  Magnus, the lab mix, for example is going to work with children who have autism.  To read more on this happy tail-waggin' story click here.
My friend Mava who really is a dog!
Now on a more humorous note, if you want to give your little or big furrybutt a makeover here are a couple of links that may give you some ideas or not!
Genetically challenged dogs may not have the blue blood line, but we have a lot of heart and soul and to keep up with the activities in our pack follow
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Two French Bulldogs said...

What a cool idea
Benny & Lily

Stem Cell Therapy in Dogs said...

This is perfect, good job guys.

Anonymous said...

It is a such a lifesaving and fun event! We are so grateful to Patti and her crew for doing this!