Monday, January 30, 2012

Pet Friendly Pharmacies

We caught this on msn Money today and being as it's Monday and we're having computer problems, we decided to grab this article and use it as today's post.

Prescription pet meds were once mostly available only through veterinarians, with a markup of up to 100%, Bob Fountain of Fountain Agricounsel told the Houston Chronicle. The entry of retailers such as Kroger into the pet meds business, as well as a growing online market, is a significant change in the industry. Kroger, Target and others even offer many pet meds at $4 for a 30 day supply! Find out more here.

Here's another article that gives you ways to save on pet meds!
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Helen P. said...

Ohhh that is very helpful! It is always so expensive to get meds for my furry ones.

Reba Messina said...

Glad you found this info helpful Helen!

Stem Cell Therapy in Dogs said...

It can really helps us a lot.

Westchester Veterinarians said...

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