Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thinking Out of the Box - Building Cozy Beds for Dog Shelters

I took a rather loooong timeout from my Blog. First it was the holidays, then it was the after holidays, then it was just a dog's life getting in the way. You know 'stuff'! But I'm back with observations on this and that and happy to be here. BOL!

Thinking Out of the BoxBuilding Cozy Beds for Dog Shelters 
Us Mutts, and dogs in general, are amazing (IMHO), but sometimes we overlook the amazing efforts made by our human friends. My two legged Mommy use to be a Girl Scout and loves to recount her scouting memories and badges. While reading the newspaper the other day, I noticed my Mommy crying and my first canine instinct was to console her and lick the tears away, but I quickly found out that they were tears of happiness (you can tell by how salty they taste).
She read the story to me from the newspaper about how a 16 year old girl, Pamela Myles, from Southern California built and donated 25 dog beds as part of her Girl Scout award project. Well that hit me too; especially when Pamela told the reporter, "I feel like I could give some of my time instead of shopping or sleeping. Then I know (the dogs) will feel better at night ... they will be warm and cozy."
Every night (and a couple of times a day) I drag my paws into my own cozy bed and take a well deserved snooze, but there are many Mutts and Purebreds with no home, except their Animal Shelter, and their bed is a cold concrete floor. Well, because of people like Pamela, a few of my cousins will sleep a little bit better, a little bit warmer and feel a lot more loved in their comfy beds.

So my Mommy and I started sniffing around the internet, how do you make a dog bed? She found something called “YouTube” (makes no sense to me, WhoTube, PawTube, MuttTube) that had a great video by the Columbus Dog Connection on how to build an Elevated Dog Bed. So for this New Year’s, we are going to encourage folks to make and donate a few doggy beds (but, first we need to build one for me… Mutt-research you know). What a neat project that a 16 year old put together. I wonder what else we can do that makes us think out of the box to help shelters more comfortable? 

Wags and puppy kisses, Reba
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Two French Bulldogs said...

We live in So Cal and never heard about this. Very cool
Benny & Lily

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Hopping through - was a Girl Scout myself. Will share this with my rescue dogs and the other shelters and sanctuaries in the area. Thank you.

dawn said...

Very cool! I love reading about how individuals try to make a difference in some way. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone did one thing.

Rumpydog said...

I love good news stories! Thanks for a great post!

Reba Messina said...

love you Benny & Lily! Mwah!

Reba Messina said...

Great idea Roberta! Bet there are all kinds of things that can be done to benefit the shelters in addition to volunteering!

Reba Messina said...

You're so right. Just 1 thing. Glad you liked the post Dawn.

Anonymous said...

How nice that those dogs are getting comfy beds - and that you get one to test out. -Bongo

Anonymous said...

I was Googling my name today and happen to see your blog. Thank you for the nice article and everyone's comments! My goal was to help the dogs and to get word out that everyone can help even if you don't have time to volunteer in person you can do still help the shelters like I did by making elevated dog beds when you have time at home. I have created a "How to make easy elevated dog beds" one-page flyer that gives the items and directions. I can email you if you like. Thank you again. Pam

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