Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dog Napping on the Rise Across the Nation

This MUTTering raises my hackles! Dognappings have risen 50% percent in the country in the past year, Lisa Peterson, communications director for the American Kennel Club, told "Good Morning America." Is this yet another sign of our economy? Dogs have been stolen from pet stores, from breeders and from right under their owners' noses at home. Some of the brazen thefts have even been caught on tape.Coveted breeds are stolen then advertised on Craigslist, Facebook, classifieds, etc.  GenChans*, former mutts, like me are being dognapped and sold to laboratories or sold as 'bait' dogs. Desperate people will do desperate things so please don't set your furry family member up to become a statistic in this crime.

Here is the story, reported by ABC News, of John Husky and Dina Martinez of Venice, Calif., as they felt the effects of this growing trend firsthand.The couple were devastated when their 4-month-old dog, Mr. James Brown, went missing. Find out what happened to their dog and some of the incredible things owners are doing to protect and monitor their furbabies.

We hope you haven't lost any of your pets this way but tell us if you have had any experience like this and what happened.

*GenChan® - the first 'breed' for mutts and mixes and a humorous acronym for the genetically challenged dog.
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