Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Mixed-Breed Dog Did What?!

So, today I heard about this great story through my doggie network and wanted to share and give a Woof-out to my fellow pup pals who are also genetically challenged dogs just like me! Guthrie, a mixed-breed dog who lives in Arizona, was adopted by a little girl and her family and the dog, Guthrie, has been helping the young human girl learn to read!  There is a program called Paws for People where our kind go to become therapy dogs.  According to a important paper from Tufts University, "This component of the human-animal bond could specifically help to address the low self esteem commonly seen in students struggling with reading, while providing them the support and confidence they need to practice and improve."

The tiny human, Bailey Benson, is 10 years old and reads books she thinks her dog Guthrie would like to hear. I think that's really considerate of her, although I believe we would all agree that we are happy just to snuggle with our humans every chance we get!  To see how this unusual reading club of two made this happen wag on over to my blog
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