Saturday, August 13, 2011

Puggles: Designer Dogs or Overhyped Mutts?

OK! OK! Before any doggy or anybody goes ballistic please know that one of my very best friends is a Puggle. I would do nothing to besmirch his bloodline, personality or behavior (BOL !!!). Koly is a very smart Puggle and he's funny and I'm sure he is worth every penny his humans paid for him!

That being said and now that I have that disclosure out of the way, I found this article posted on Squidoo debating this Puggle quandry very interesting. 
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Kolchak Puggle said...

First, thanks for the shout out love! MWAH!

That article was a little harsh! Like with all breeding operations, puggles for sure have a problem - just like the purebreds: puppy mills. I think the problem with puggles (like the problem with all hybrids) is that these days they are rarely born to a pug father and a beagle mother. There are dog's that are 3/4 pug that are called puggles, or who have beagle three generations back and they are calling them puggles and the shelters who seem to call everything with a smoosh face and a curly piggy tail is a Puggle. Koly's parents are purebred pug & purebred beagle and from what I have seen when they are bred this way, you do get a very consistent look, build, behavior. Plus, the elongated nasal passage helps to eliminate some of the breathing issues. I suspect a hybrid breed standard could be created if all these wannabe Puggle posers would knock it off.

The big thing about puggles is that sadly, they are often puppy mill dogs. Take your time, do your homework and only buy from a breeder where you can see their facility, the health and temperament tests for both parent and where they have a clause that if you ever want to get rid of the dog, you have to contact them first (to me, this is the mark of a great breeder.)

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Reba Messina said...

Well said Mr. Kolchak and thank you for your reply. Frankly I was surprised, looking at the photos in the article, in the difference of the faces of the Puggles. Some looked like Beagles with a touch of Pug so the consistency is not there which is the very reason your second paragraph is right on - homework first so that the right dog and family connect for the next 15 years. To take a look at this week's adoptable Puggle go to: